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Anjuman-e-Araian Pakistan, Karachi, Sindh was established on 16 June, 1997 with coordination of some devoted and pious people of our community and registered with the concerned department of government of Sindh. With Allah’s grace Anjuman-e-Araian’ Pakistan Karachi is the sole representative organization of Arain’s of Sindh province. We are particularly grateful to the members and elders of our community in general for encouraging us and also for providing us the vision and resources to establish our organization, their cooperation is our strength. This indicates well planned movement forward and the selfless endeavors of its workers who are enthused with their sprit.

Our organization is non-political, non-sectarian and sole representative of Arain community of Sindh. It believes in service to its members and service to all around as well, without the consideration of cast, creed, color or religion. Read more…

انجمنِ ارائیاں پاکستان 

ایک مکمل غیر سیاسی سماجی و رفاہی تنظیم ہے۔
جس کی اولین ترجیح ہر سطح پر موجود برادری کے قابل افراد کے ذریعے برادی کے مسائل کا حل اور فلاح و بہبود ہے۔
اگر آپ باصلاحیت اور صاحب حیثیت ہیں اور آرائیں برادری کیلئے کچھ کرنا چاہتے ہیں ۔۔۔۔
تو آئیں ۔۔۔۔۔
انجمن کا ساتھ دیں،
انجمنِ ارائیاں  کا پلیٹ فارم حاضر ہے۔

Our Services

Anjuman-e-Araian Pakistan, Sindh is involved in various welfare works despite of such limited resources that it has. Some of those are stated here:
(1) Student Scholarships (2) Marriage Bureau
(3) Employment (4) Aids to various persons
(5) Hospitals, Dispensaries and Industrial Homes

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Our Forums

Arain Business Forum
Arain Doctors Forum
Arain Engineers Forum
Arain Lawyers Forum
If you are one of the above professional then participate to put your part in the welfare of community

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All Community Members are requested to give Zakat and Donation to Anjuman-e-Araian Sindh to Serve and Build Community.

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